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Have any questions or concerns ? We’re always ready to help! Call us at (631) 478-9225  or send us an email at

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How to place my order?

You can place your order either over the phone, internet, or stop in to one of our boutique's! 




What are your delivery options?

UPS, Fed Ex, for US and International shipping.



How do I return an item?

Returns are exchange only, unless authorized by Susan.

How can I schedule a viewing?

You may schedule a viewing of a particular Fine Couture Jewel piece at our Boutique location. Studio East, 837 Fort Salonga rd. Northport, New York.



Do you do repairs?

We can repair your most finest Jewels. From pearl re-stringing, to diamond re-setting and refurbishing. We do it all! Trustworthy and precise. 



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